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#408384 - I may have lost my virginity to Christiane. But Stephanie was acting like she was taking my virginity. So I stopped and withdraw from her pussy and started to cry a little and Stephanie came up beside of and through her arms around me “ Scott wrong please tell me I won’t be mad I promise!” “ Yes you will!” I said “Scott tell me please!” She Pleaded “ The reason I didn’t cum was because before you called I had relieve myself already and I was trying my best to cum again I’m sorry if I let you down I most be world worse lover” I said as bury my head in her chest soaking them in my tears she retch up with her hand ran through my hair she lifted my head up and looked me in eyes “ Scott your not the worse lover in world ok so what if you didn’t get off as long as you enjoyed it didn’t you baby?” “ yes it was hell of a lot better than Christine.

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Hajime owari
So good baby
Izumi akazawa
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