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#64837 - He had such such soft skin I felt like I was in heaven I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see his dick just yet I was saving it. We walked into my room where I then went to my pants drawer and I took out a couple that I thought would fit him he then said to me something I was not expecting at all James: brad you know when I was over before I told you I liked you A little pause of silence Me: um yeah what about it buddy ? James : um well um errrr never mind it's not Important Me: are you sure? I'm a good listener After a while James choose his underwear they were a pink and yellow pair of trunks and they were a little baggy but I just did the strings up so they wouldn't fall down on his slim body. YES BEAD FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH YES OH ERRRRGGGG YEAH YEAH BRAD!! I knew I was not going to last long so I grabbed James cock and started pumping away and sla ing me into his prostate I Kelly this up for a good five minuets James screaming Y

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