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#263161 - damn now i have to be nice! Yeah he was being a real jerk yeah hey let me make in up to you ya wanna go for some burgers? Then in my head i say Yes! Yes! Yes! but then i remember me promiseing to hang out with my friend ah sorry i promised me freind i'd be at her place at 11 then we both looked at out phones and mine says 9:30 then he says we'll make it in time don't worry then i say Cool lets go then we turn around and walk to his car. Okay' one day i am swimming on the lake with my swim suit with my 16 year old body glowing from the sun my skin sparkeling i see a few boys they're staring at me and me being a virgin and all well i guess i'm #1 virgin because i haven't masterbated ether well your probably like bull shit well its true not once well i get out and walk on the beach (kinda) a boy come up to me and says hi i'm james whats your name then i roll my eyes and say piss off and walk away but he runs up and slaps my butt and sa

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