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#90336 - My hands stroke your face, lifting your chin so that I can kiss you, which you respond to vigorously… I remember thinking you're overdressed, and lift off the teddy top and smile happily at what's underneath. You pulled yourself up so your legs wrapped over mine, your thigh pressing against my groin…all the time you were kissing my face and my neck sending wave upon wave over pleasure through me, your breath setting my skin on fire… You pulled away and turned, telling me to unzip your dress, I duly obliged…you stood up facing me and slipped the dress from your shoulders…I watched as it fell to the floor and you stood in front of me…I watched trancelike, as a rabbit does when caught in the glare of a car's headlights, as you looked at me, wondering if I approved - something that should never have been in doubt…I felt like a gawky schoolchild that had never been with a woman, eager to experience you, in another way I was calm and relaxed by the knowledge that all g

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