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#288463 - At the same night she called me and she was alike a woman that the fire of desire sprung up of her body , she never told me that directly but the tone of her voice ,, i did not waste time , so i asked her (may you tell me frankly if you want me to come over ?) , and as a lady she said ( what are you talking about ?) Next day we met and i told her directly that I could n’t wait more and I was controlled by the idea of having her between my arms besides I love her seriously while she was looking at me and her eyes filled with tears that were refusing to come out so i continued telling her my feelings ,, same day i got her call (please come to my house ) I was like what ??? she said (come to my house ,, my mom traveled today and i am here ,, Dad is sleeping and my sister will not object when she is sleeping also ) I said ( but is it good if one of them catch me there when they did not invite me ) , she firmly said ( you want me or no? ) here I could not talk but i called a friend ask

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