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#309843 - I am sure I looked a fright, with me naked standing in front of the lights, and him still holding my hand turned me around so he could get a better look at me, and I mean he took a very good look! Then asked did they rape you? Hesitantly and in almost a whisper said no. Of the dozen or so two of them were very good looking, but the third was just the opposite and his look was quite unsettling this sent chills up my spine and my clit with the pierced ring left it perked to incredible attention! Just his expression and the way he looked at me would make any woman tremble in fear or at least scared to death of being helplessly naked and alone with him! This along with all the other black men in the bar that night was not only sinfully perverse, but this man left me with the impression he could be quite sexually sadistic! I was hesitant, with some foreboding, as to what might happen if left with him?.

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