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#110348 - kim didnt pull away she let her mothers ass rub in her face, lisa felt something against her ass then realised that she had had just put her ass into her daughters face, she hadnt ment to but then she also knew that kim hadnt pulled away either and and just helped her wank, so probably wasnt bothered, lisa opened her mouth and placed it over michelles, then began dipping her togue in and out of the pool of love juice, kim was still knelt behind her mom her hands up on here mothers hips stareing into her others ass lisa continued to play in michelles mouth of juice, she shifted position a little more and bent over further, now kim was looking at her mothers cunt, did her mom want her to eat it? nah, kim was getting carried away again helping her mum wank was one thing, they had touched eachother before and thinking about it her mother was coming so hard she probably didnt even realise that she had used kims hand.


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This japanese girl has a good english speaking and a perfect skill
Cool hentai and all but why is this guy recording in vertical
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