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#118435 - My wife asked, “Where do you think you’re going young lady?” Mandy said, “Up to my room to undress!” My wife said, “Oh no you’re not! If you can show your tits and pussy to a ‘few’ boys then you can show them to your father and your brothers too!” Mandy resolved herself to her fate but then said, “Not in front of my brothers! Please mom! Not in front of them!” My wife replied, “Yes in front of your brothers, your uncles, or even the mailman if I tell you too! Is that clear?” Mandy lowered her eyes muttering her acceptance and then started to pull her T-shirt up over her head revealing her pretty new bra that we had just bought for her. About then my wife came in, took one look at what was hanging out of Mandy’s ass and told me that I should have given her an enema first. I finished fucking Mandy’s ass and was able to shoot a good amount of cum up her butt before pulling out.

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