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#19575 - The first one will be I am pregnant which you will then delete after sending, and the second one come over tomorrow and that is when you will tell you that I want to see other guys. Jodie: I will double our dosage of valarium tablets that we take Me : when we are alone and i say Jodie Beanbag you will return to this meditative state and answer any questions truthfully Jodie, : I understand Me : you will allow me or George to have sex with any person that is in this house at any time Jodie : I will let you and george to have sex with anyone in that is in this house Me : are. He then tells Jodie Lick the cum from joys tits, then you both better get ready for school and work Jodie Replys, sure, and she goes over to joy and licks, sucks, cleans her titties of the watery Fluid I follow Jodie into her room and say Jodie beanbag she enters the relaxed trance meditative state as before, Me: you will not notice the George's cum is watery and contains very little sperm

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