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#20660 - Upon the mere mention of Bobby's name, everyone kinda got a little nostalgic as they reminisced about that afternoon two years earlier when the young eighteen year old came in form mowing the grass and fucked each one of them silly with his huge teenage cock!!! They all had to agree that it was probably the most exciting thing that any of them ever had experienced before or since, that is except Billie who offered, Well, I agree that Bobby was very good, but I think that I've found something that even beats that!!! You've been holding out on us, haven't you, Marion demanded, so give, what have you been hiding from us!?! Yeah, Kim said edgily, we're supposed to be friends, and our motto has always been share and share alike, right!?! That's right, Barb rejoined, so give, Billie, what have you got going for yourself!?! Okay, okay, Billie said with a laugh, but I'm not gonna spoil it for you by telling you about it first, so here'

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Luna noa
I hate crazy chicks too much drama for me lol moving on next